Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Sleep-less consequences

I think my craziness yesterday and today was the result of too little sleep for two weeks, because I just crashed. This evening we had a lecture about health care, some old guy talking. The moment my ass hit the chair it was like someone had poured dough into my brain and mixed it with a handmixer. The guy didn't even have the chance to start talking. I spent an hour desperately keeping myself awake to keep some sort of self pride and respect towards him, but I think it showed a lot, i was basically reeling around in my chair. -_- My head was spinning most of the time and when I moved my hands and feet it was really hard to keep a sense of where they were. As for now, I've escaped to my room. My lamp just died, but whatever. I'm thinking I should do something to kick my brain back into action and then go to bed early. (And why I'm blogging instead of doing that, I do not know.)

Apparantly I get cute and frantic when I'm about to die. Good to know that's a sign, but unfortunately I'm probably too cute and frantic to do something about it if it ever happens again.


Rik said...

I know the feeling. You go "woo" and then collapse. Don't worry, it's not permanent.

Nallenon said...

Well, if we notice you getting cute and frantic again, we'll be sure to send someone to make sure you'll survive ;)