Sunday, November 18, 2007

Sorry Kirya-fans!

Sorry you guys! This is the first time I haven't kept the 1chapter/week ratio since I started Kirya. I won't point the blame on something else; I've just been distracted and utterly uninspired. My life seems to exist in waves of different aspects, and while I've been in the creative flow for a really long while now, it seems life has continued on into the nerdy phase where all I can think about is silly flash games, monitor reviews and statistics, difficulty level of Dawn of War and whether or not I should buy Magna Carta or renew my World of Warcraft account.

I'm sure the tides will turn once I've played myself bored out of my mind with F.E.A.R (oh, what a pun, hahaha), realized Wow is still too expensive and Magna Carta too old to be found, and cleared Dawn of War. But until then, I'm taking a break. Especially since we have to fill a whole compendium with short stories, poems and other trash before Christmas, and since I'm so uninspired I can't seem to write even ten decent poems (it's in Swedish, for pillow's sake, and to fill it I feel now that I will have to use some English poems too, or I'll never make it).

This will also give me time to figure out the details of the Golden Mountains. Killing is fun.

So. I'll be back. Just not right now.

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