Friday, November 16, 2007

Nerdy Gerdy

Since I can now surf somewhat fluidly, I started out looking for a first-person shooter. I found F.E.A.R. and the recommended system said: please have 3.0 GHz. I thought: crap. But. Gamespot was nice and provided a online service that checks what your computer can manage, and judge my surprise when it states that my AMD can manage stuff up to 3.2 GHz!! When did that happen?! Not that I complain. ^^ *happehness* It did complain about that my graphix don't do DirectX 9.0c, so I looked for cards that do. Three hours, loads of googling and reviewreading later, I have this:


Graphix: Radeon X1600 Pro
Monitor (LCD): Mirai DML-419W210
or: Acer AL1916WCS
Sound: Trust Sound Expert Optical
And I should find a better mouse, but I'll do that tomorrow.

Learned today:

Which Radeon you Want To Own.

The Meaning Of All GC Endings, eg. Pro, SE, Hypermemory, sosf.
Difference between LCD and CRT monitors (okay, so I already knew that, but not the details).
Difference between VGA and DVI monitors, why DVI is better, and the stupid extras like DVI-I.
Meaning of Hardware T&L (Transform and Lighting).
Use of S-Video, HDMI, TV-Out and why LCD tv's are easier to connect to a computer.
Why ATI kicks NVidia butt on my computer (because I have AMD processor, which btw kicks Intel butt).

And I am so going to be corrected x 1000 now, because I'm probably wrong about everything. But I've proven that: Learning is fun! And rulez.

Now meanwhile I've busied myself writing this (as much for my own memory as your information), I've burned all burnable stuff on my com so that I have some free space. Puh. Let's go to bed.


Anton said...

F.E.A.R. is teh shit.
Plain and simple. It's awesome.

Nightflyer said...

Wow... I'll just not comment on this...

Iceye said...

Glad you approve, Anton. I will return on that once I try it.

And yeah, I know this intimidates some of my readers, but since the motto "the more cords in a heap on my floor the cooler I am" has a big impact on my life, coupled with that a lof of people I know do know what I'm blabbering about, I thought it would be fun.

Damned, I want that graphics card! Once I get my RAM, it will be the weakest point of my com, and for a gamer to have the graphics as weakest point... shameful!