Saturday, November 10, 2007

Good Deeds

Shemhazai finally cooperates, I have drawn a nice picture of Akibeel, and I successfully defeated the devils of social interaction and went home instead of going on a stupid Halloween party and had the best time eating candy, writing, and watching tv with my mom and my cats. See? Forget being popular, being happy is so much better.

And no, none of you know who Shemhazai and Akibeel are, but you will. Akibeel is such a horrible name, by the way, but I'm still coming to like it now just because of what I'm doing with it. (Well, a certain someone might have heard the names since I have borrowed them and he seems to know everything about absurd and munchy details =P)

And Sara, thank you so much. The little talk we had on the phone about angels and what a good deed is was so simple, but it helped enormously, it finally molded the picture in my head of the angels into something that I can work with. Without it, I would have sat uninspired and frustrated for another week, I'm absolutely certain.

Nyum nyum...

So... if celebrating Father's Day doesn't ruin my plans, I should have the next chapter finished tomorrow. Hehe... I'm starting to set up deadlines for myself... which is scary.


Nightflyer said...

I've been crazy adicted to these blogs lately. =D

Sounds like you had a great weekend. I sufford the montly curse and isolated myself from all living things, except for the plants in my room. Today when I finally started to feel like there could be a nice world out there, I went to Joel and Lisa. Lisa cut mine and Jockes hair wile we talked about all of those things we always talk about. This was the best day since sthlm.

Iceye said...

I don't know about great, fretting about the damned party and worrying about being social and bored out of my mind the whole night gave me a killer headache yesterday evening and today. It's finally beginning to ease, just in time for my own monthly curse. But you saw Lisa and Joel today? And Jocke? Damned people! I was at Joel's place today just a short peek after shopping. But does anyone tell me? Nooooo. <_<

Nightflyer said...

-_-' Sorry.

You were there? O_o You have to take that up with Joel. Strange thing to not ask you to stay a wile. I got there at four, Jocke a bit earlier.

Sara said...

Naaw I helped? But I felt so useless...Oh well, glad to be of service. It's good that you're standing up for what you think is amusing. I am proud of you for staying at home and having fun. Good for you!