Thursday, November 15, 2007

Maybe now I can play Quake 4 again

I went crazy yesterday and ordered a gig memory for my com, as well as some books. -_- Not buying stuff is impossible! It is! And while I know I can't really afford it, I'm still stupidly happy.

Looking through the available ports on my com to decide whether a two-port 5.1 sound card was worth the trouble, I also found dust. Lots and lots and lots of dust. I learned what a DDR2 and 3 port is, and what a PCI port is, and that sometimes it might be good to dust out your computer just to control the general population of little gray creatures. Seriously! I also decided filling my last 2 PCI ports with one basic soundcard sounded slightly uncomfortable, so I'll wait and see.

Other than that... I thought I had a hundred things to do, but I can't seem to remember even one of them... o_O So I've wasted my time drawing (not exactly wasted, it was a good drawing) and looking through radio stations.

Observe: Jordana Brewster is hot. H. O. T. And now I want to see her in a good, serious role so that we can observe whether she has the skill to balance that hotness.


Anton said...

Just about everything you draw end up being good drawings, what did you draw this time? :)

Also: Dust and Quake 4 is overrated :P

Iceye said...

This time I drew a lady. Her name is Leah. Unless you have a better suggestion. (I'm not sure it fits her.) But of respect for those who are reading Kirya at the moment, I cannot tell you who she is, because that contains spoilers.

I'm thinking about bringing my scanner here so I can show pics I draw by hand too, because drawing by hand his fun.


I'm at a shortage of first-person shooters that my computer can manage. Quake is the better of the few I have . However, my RAM was in so bad shape that every time the light did anything else than just shine at a steady pace (and how often does it do that in action games?) the whole thing lagged down to something like 4 fps. But no more! Muahahaha. Or soon, at least.

Wow... looking at this comment, you can tell I'm socially starved, can't you? =P

Anton said...

Haha, yeah, it was a bit on the long side, being yours ;)
I always liked Half Life 2 a lot more than Q4.. I Suggest Quake 2 AbSIRD, in all probability the coolest thing to hit the Quake-series yet.

Can't really give any suggestions on a name, first of all because I suck something wicked at coming up with names, and second because I've never seen the drawing :)

I vote scanner, yes.

Sara said...

Scanner sounds like a good idea. And yes, she is hot. =P

Olle said...

brewster är en heting, agreed! jag ska också köpa minne, var köpte du?