Wednesday, November 28, 2007


(I just thought it fun to inform you about the picture of Shemhazai: inspiration for necklaces and general pose fetched from official popstar JC Chasez, hair from our own unofficial rockstar Rikard Molander, dress is only to blame on general angel-badtaste, and boots so that I don't have to worry about whether angels have bodyhair.)

Here's the next pic from my scanning-sequence; Akibeel in his workout clothes. I tried coloring it, but gave up. Who wants colors anyways! Black and white says it all.

I just realized this blog has a sadly small amout of boy-talk, disregarding a couple of fictious characters and an angel in disguise, is it really that mr. Jacob is the first boy mentioned? (mr. Jacob being the prettiest codename I've thought up since SunnyDay) Well, he is hard-earned eyecandy. Most people here are either too trashy (longhaired rockers), too fancy (metrosexual) or just not handsome enough for my usual tastes (yes, I'm horribly shallow). Not that the girls hold much better quality, but that I can live with, since it lessens competition, and I'd never dare to make a move on a girl anyway (okay, so I don't dare boys either -_-). Well, there, that's enough boy-talk for the coming six months. Glad to have that done and over with.

Now, if you want to talk Akibeel's workout habits, or Shemhazai's true personality, or Kirya's further development, or Leon's scratchy manly voice, or the fact that Lance Bass from NSYNC does the voiceover for Sephiroth in KH, or Riff's motives in Godchild (omigodomigodomigod), or maybe rummage forth some more pictures of Cloud, or, when I think about it, the fact that Ezequiel is the Master of Clouds so I had to make him cool and handsome, then I've got all the time in the world.


Sara said...

Hmm that was quick :P. Well you keep your mr. Jacob and hand over all the fancy boys to me ;)

Nightflyer said...

Alltså den här bilden blir bara bättre och bättre! Jag gillar den verkligen. Jag kan inte ens säga nåt om kläderna eller hur jag ser honom själv för jag har helt glömt bort min egnen version. =D

HÅRET! Jag älskar håret!!! attityden är perfekt och, och ja allt är skitbra. Rita mer, rita mer, rita mer, rita mer....

Iceye said...

I knoooowww ^^ *bounces around still affected by yesterday's bounciness* When I created Akibeel, this was the picture immediately inside my mind, and I just had stop writing to draw it right away. This is so him that nothing can be more him! ^^

Sara, you would probably dig Alexander (sry for the name paradox) a lot. I'll get pictures of peops with my new phone and show you someday.

I wish I could keep mr. Jacob. I really do. =P

Kristin said...

Think you could spare some for me?

Iceye said...

some for you? Fancy boys, you mean? Sure. I sure don't want them, anyway. Talk to Sara about it.

Anonymous said...

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