Thursday, November 22, 2007


I'm so embarrassed about my last post that I don't know what to say. No more "just a little post before going to bed"-posts! Just disregard that rambling (except possibly the first three rows, despite that I just now censored it, because I can't just remove the entire thing even if it sucks, that would be cheating) and read the nice poem The Chair another time instead, because it derserves the attention, right?

Fourteen days until the writing project has to be finished. I need inspiration, I need poems, possibly sensible, good-looking ramblings, but essentially in Swedish. I think I need more interaction with people, but phones don't work in this context. Hmmm.

Therese spent two hours playing Tetris on our tv-box since we can't get it to do anything else (like showing regular tv-channels). The silly thing was how the rest of the house gathered around her, chatting, writing, cooking and eating, everyone watching her playing Tetris at snail-speed. I'm in awe at her patience. And how little colored cubes can bring people together.

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