Tuesday, November 6, 2007

This Did Not Make Me Happier

Actually, it's possible this stupid quote I happened to read did the impossible and jumped through the screen, grabbed onto my face like a buttugly little Alien facefucker and shot a load of human insuffrability at it's absolute let-me-stab-you-sixtyfivethousandtimes-best down my throat.

Read on Gamespot's user comments concerning a coming Playboy Magazine issue featuring girls from video games:


ok 1. girls dont play alot of games anyway. IF your a girl and your a hard core gamer, there is something wrong with you in the first place. 2. guys, WE ARENT COMPLAINING! we want girls naked, DUHHHH the sales will go up DEAD OR ALIVE 4

Followed immediately by:


oh yah and, go lok up some real porn for christ sakes.

I pride myself with being a calm and sensible person, but hey,


Wow. I don't think there's anything wrong with guys wanting to look at pretty girls, but then I didn't think there was anything wrong with hardcore gaming girls either. I must have so much to learn about the world. Hey, Soccerballs, if I go to therapy for my gaming tendencies, will you seek help for your idiocy?


Kristin said...

Hmm. May I ask exactley how you ended up on Playboy's site reading comments?

Iceye said...

As the text says, it was on Gamespot's site having an article about it, and Gamespot works much like Wiki - start and you end up pillow knows where. I was afraid the focus would end up on that question, though... but seriously, why is that strange? Knowing me, knowing the world, knowing yourself... bah. On second thought, whatever.

Iceye said...

You know what? I'm sorry, but that question made me even more depressed.
Humans. *shakes head*

Kristin said...

don't be, I've visited some really strange sites in my life on the web. btw, got a comment on my youtube video of riklurt's speech.

Sara said...

OMG they are just SO stupid hahaha you go girl. It is in moments like these that I am so proud to have you as a friend Da-Ryun :)

Rik said...

Oh yes. The Internets is like a goldmine. Sometimes you find gold, mostly you find rocks and lumps of coal, occasionally you encounter a pocket of gas, and your canary bird dies.

And canary birds are expensive.