Thursday, November 22, 2007

the Reason Why I am Obsessed with Poking

Subtlety is the grandeaur of life. The ability to understand someone from just one look. The feeling of knowing someone without a spoken word. It rules our lives, the little things that we never really think about, or that some of us spend their lives thinking about.

What I'm really talking about here are manipulation skills, that I will spend a lifetime refining, no matter how unsociable I am. I watched that episode of Bones (S1 Ep4 or 5 or something) when Angela drops her purse next to Booth's girlfriend and starts a conversation to get to know the woman and poke deeper into their relationship (the nosy little dudette, I can so imagine doing that myself if I ever got the chance) and I thought: I want to be able to do that. But the hardest opponent for me is female, beautiful, drinks alcohol, about thirty, loves children and majors in women's rights. Picking those parts apart, one would find that my perfect victim is male, my age, average in appearance and physique, teetotaller, haven't given children much thought and majors in some kind of technical subject like science or computers. Huh.

But everyone has manipulation skills, more or less. People use them in different ways and to different ends, but we all do everything we can to change our surroundings to the most profitable possible. I am a perfectionist, especially in the matters I learn only by myself (not from school or other people) and so I want to know what people do to me, how, why, what I do to them and how to do or not do that. A million lines of tripwire rigged around my whole beeing, mixed with tripwire illusions, tingling, tangling and tickling people where I want them.

As for the matter of the thirty-years-old woman, I would like to try sometime. But I am aware of that to do that I would need makeup, more classy clothes, a purse full of stuff I pretend to use and a purpose. Mostly the clothes.


Nallenon said...

"What an interesting specimen you are"
The thing I don't understand here, really, is the part about "Haven't given children much thought".
Why does that matter?

Sara said...

Oh I do understand the children-part. And the fun in manipulation...Well I should probably not comment to much on this. I might fall into my old habits, not good. *quickly looks the other way and thinks intently of polarbears*

Iceye said...

Hmm, if you don't know how that matters, then it's hard to explain it.

But then again, this entire post is a complete embarrassment, so just nevermind.

Polarbears!!! ^^

Riklurt said...

See, I think the most useful explanation of how well I understand manipulation is if I said

"So in doing maths, I like to exchange all the numbers for symbols I've made up myself, then encrypt them, and then write a program to decrypt them again"

But then again, I fit the model of the most easily-manipulated person, which reinforces my thesis that my level of subtlety is on pair with that of a drunk destroyosaur in a lingerie shop.

I need to draw that, it'd be awesome.

Riklurt said...

Also I just noticed I just did some sort of improvised introspection instead of actually commenting on the post.

I guess I should be embarrassed too.

Kristin said...

Surely you must know that Sara is terrified of polarbears :P

Iceye said...

Meh, Sara is terrified of everything. And posts that make you introspect are good posts.

Sara said...

I'm not more afraid of polarbears than anyone else though *proud* I mean, they are deadly after all.