Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Step Away From My Father!

Okay, now I'm egocentric but you have to hear this. Today we had that "don't drink and drive" thing at school (again), yes yes very relevant to me who have seen the "informative movie" twice before, don't have a driver's license, don't drink, don't party and don't take walks along the highroad. Anyway. Afterwards the woman showing the movie talked about how to stop a friend from driving drunk. She said if you can't, you can always anonymously tip the police and let them take your friend in (good advice methinks). She went on saying this, roughly, but honestly:

"Then we are so lucky to live in northern Värmland where we have aChief of Police named *insert my father's name* who thinks it's very important to hear what the people have to say, so he has installed a special phonenumber where you can call, and always get to a policeman on duty in the area, no matter the time of day. (Since the normal phonenumber keeps connecting you further and further away if no one answers, eventually dropping you off somewhere god knows where, like Skåne.) The rest of the police areas in Värmland doesn't like this, since it's so good, and they don't have it."

I swear, that's what she said! She praised my father for, like, 10 minutes, going on about what he'd done and that she'd met him somewhere. Damned. Never let the woman near him without my mother's presence, I say. But aside from that, I could have lifted like a balloon from my chair from pride.

Sorry. Had to vent it. I'll call dad tomorrow and tell him. And watch him balloon too ^^.


Anton said...

Haha, that was cute :)
Pretty good delayed father's day's gift, that ;)

Eva said...

Come on, you should balloon :D
*gives a buncha helium*

Iceye said...

*heh* ^^ I told mom, and she knew who it was, because apparently that woman had talked about him before, and dad had asked who she was after they met, because she'd been so enthusiastic. Weirds me out more and more =P

Kristin said...

hehe, a bit of a backlash though, when he asks "who was that again?" And I must say I agree on the pride-thing, though my father isn't as impressing as yours I'm always very proud of him, last month or so he got promoted to "arbetslagsledare" :D

Sara said...

Oh way to go Kristin's dad! And Da-Ryun's obviously, but we all already knew he was a great guy, being a police and all. *prejudice*

Iceye said...

At least you prejudice policemen to be good guys. A lot of people do it the other way. =P

Happy promotion, Kristin's dad!!