Thursday, November 1, 2007

vagueness of light and darkness

I got to write 3 hours (of which 20 minutes were spent defeating Microsoft Word's ego) while people were at school today. Reol finally found his place, and I finally decided for how Kirya's form of battle will look. ^^ I think that was the last piece of her person as she is now, and I am embarrassingly proud of myself.

I need to add darkness to the darkness, so to say, because I think the image given so far has pictured demons as rather okay creatures, and by human standards they're everything but. It's just the Lifestealers who aren't really demons but have been clumped together with them by humans and angels.
I also need to add light to the light, because so far, angels have appeared like violent one-tracked idiots, and I mean, obviously there's a reason that people think of light and darkness as they do. Angels have helped humanity immensly. But I'll have my opportunity to better their image soon.

I want to write more! =P

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