Thursday, December 13, 2007

231, 1600, 4600

I have the entire amount of 231 bucks (swedish kronor that is) to my name until the last of December (aside from getting money for christmas that will have to be used to pay for the trip to Arvika and to pay back the loan of 1600 bucks (that actually is 4600) I already have) all because I bought christmas presents with my brother and he has no money until christmas either. These 231 bucks will have to be used on going to and from Karlstad on Wednesday to meet my dear friends, and if I spend any more than that... well, I litterally can't spend more than that. BUT on the bright side is, I got the presents for mom and dad that I really wanted to give them.

I'm not exactly whining. Not looking for compassion or gifts. I just wanted to tell someone, for some reason, that the absurd fact is that I spend beyond what I have, and I never done that in my life and never thought I would. (Because not having money puts me in inferior position and I don't remain in inferior positions and sure as hell don't look them up.) What the hell happened to my morals? Next thing you see, I'll spend the christmas money on skin crémes, make-up and fancy shirts instead of rent, books, games and a new graphics card. What the hell is the world coming to?!?

No seriously, I have to stop spending money at all. Those 4600 shall be back in their rightful place come summer or help me god. My makeover will have to wait until I sell books, appear on television and get filthy rich.

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