Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shopping Report

Regarding presents: I think I'm too picky, or maybe my complete inability to make decisions comes off as pickiness. I see lots of things, but they're not *quite* good enough as presents. And I really suck at seeing anything to start with, so four hours in Karlstad ended with me buying one single present. (Though I figured out two others that I'll have to order.) On the other hand I bought two shirts for myself (because I'm way better at picking out things for myself, even if I still wander around the shop for twenty minutes before I can make the decision to actually buy something) and got my hair cut. And, lol, when I came back and put on the new shirt, Alexander went "What the hell are you doing, now I might have to flirt with you!" I was a good girl, refrained from saying "What was wrong with how I looked before?" and just smiled the way Asian girls smile when they're concealing their psycopathic tendencies. So I'm actually trying hard to learn to take compliments and to think I do deserve them. That sounds horrible so I have to add; I was also happy that he said that.

People call me by my name a lot more often here than they do anywhere else. (Well, "people" may be an exageration, it's Alex and Anna who stand for the show, like always.) I think I might actually be starting to get used to hearing it (though I still think it's horribly long, stand-offish and complicated and rather unpretty as written out). The.... *brainfreeze*... coiffeuse thought it was a pretty name, but she misspelled it.

As for how I look in my new hair and clothes, I'll quote another comment heard today (though they talked so much I don't remember who said it): Yay, go for the Asian style! ^^

I also tried to buy foundation. But the shopclerk who was supposed to give me advice looked down her nose at me, gave me some test products and sent me home. Weird that they don't want my money, but okay, I'll test it and come back and buy more later. o_O This was before I got my haircut, though, and I'd run around on town for three hours, so she probably thought I looked too ugly to be allowed to wear her snotty make-up. ;P


Kristin said...

Shop-clerks are asholes, most of the time. My father was doing the electricity when they were rebuilding a shopping-mall and the shop-clerks were rude and arrogant as hell. My father thought that was very silly, since he makes almost twice as much money as they do... Anyway, the rudeness is probably the reason why you instatnly get in a extremely good mood when you walk into a store and people smile at you and ask in a very nice way if you need any help.

Sara said...

Want to see new hair ^_^ !!!!

Iceye said...

It's very basic. Next time I'll cut my hair real short except for the bangs. I have gathered courage now.

Nightflyer said...

Ooo, Cool! New clothes!

Nallenon said...

We need pics of New and Improved Iceye :D
Also, what's wrong with your name? O_o
Da-Ryun is awesome?