Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Hello. If anyone's wondering why I'm awake at this hour on a tuesday (I'm free on tuesdays) it's because I'm going to Karlstad to buy christmas presents. I hate buying christmas presents. I also had to borrow money to be able to buy them. Christmas is a weird time.

Heart of Darkness was a difficult book to read while half asleep on a bus. I'll make another try today. I also forgot to bring my mp3-player, so I might get pretty bored over there. A good growing ground for creativity.

And why am I here writing this? I need to get ready for the bus!


Sara said...

Good luck with your shopping. If you run out of things to do, you can always use my way of making time move a little faster. Try and memorize all the Majas alfabetssånger in the correct order. It can be very tricky I tell you ^_~

Rik said...

Christmas shopping is laem and I haet it, but it has to be done, or else ones' family will obliterate one from the face of the earth.

If it hadn't been for that, it just might have been fun. Only xmas shopping I enjoyed last year was buying presents for the roleplaying group.

Also, Heart of Darkness is probably just about the most difficult book I have ever encountered. If you read it and understand it, I'm impressed, cause I know I still don't quite get it.

Kristin said...

Myself I managed to buy all my present in the course of 2 hours. First I ordered a book from CDON and then I went into the stores and just picked up things.

Sara said...

I'm letting my brothers do all my Christmas shopping for me. :P