Monday, December 3, 2007

Bad sense of time =P

Soooo, I said like four, five days ago that I would post the portrait of the person on my communist banner, but... uh... I have very bad sense of time. So. Here she is, anyway. Her name is, currently, as I said, Leah, but I am open to suggestions, because I'm not certain that it's the best, and I seem to suck at female names, I have noticed. I need equal practice with that as with drawing females, but where one is progressing, one is not. Guess which.

Since I have nothing more to say today after my lashing out yesterday, I will post a poem I just made. (Since blogger refuses my idea with two separate texts next to each other, I've made it into a picture -_-)

*munches Toblerone* Thanks Kristin! And for Pan's Labyrinth and everything too! *hugs*


Nightflyer said...

Jag tror att du behöver öva på axlar och annat... Midjan och nedåt är female, men inte resten.

Urk, jag är trött... Fast du vet ju redan vad jag tycker om den. =P Awesome that is.

Sara said...

Det var en fin dikt, som jag på nåt sätt känner att jag kan relatera till. Bilden var också snygg. Jag håller med Madde, midjan ner är verkligen feminint. Vet inte varför men jag skulle vilja ge henne ett namn som börjar på R eller kanske S. Hmm

Kristin said...

Anything for the winner of the epic challenge *bows* and you hadn't read the book?

Iceye said...

nopes, but I will now! ... as soon as I've finished illustrating, layouting and sorting through christmas compendium, writing english essay, fixing christmas gifts, written another two chapters on Kirya... yeah. Maybe after Christmas ^^

That Toblerone did make me the most popular dude in the building for a while, though. =P