Wednesday, December 12, 2007


I was going to write, prepare for a test on friday and stuff. But no. I didn't even continue working on the sixteen thousand projects I already have in the air, I started a new one. Why? Because I sat down to draw Koffein the Hummingbird and got an idea and then stuff trailed off and completely lost it, and I spent the entire day drawing a flash animation for a "movie" from a "book" that I have planned to write after Kirya and two other unfinished books. Right. Well, I love the idea, and I think the animation turned out pretty okay despite the program bugging together just at the end (which is why it doesn't say Iceye Enterprises as many times as I wanted it to, and why I won't color it or improve on anything even if there's a lot to improve).

It's a lot better in original, but Blogger, as usual, doesn't want to cooperate. So it's lagging. But nevermind. If you desperately want it, download it here. I would also love to have a soundtrack, but as I said, the program lagged together, I think I did something wrong since I haven't learned how it works yet. Nevermind. It was just a fun thing anyway.

Tempest (as I'm calling it meanwhile I think of something else; that's how I treat all my titles) is about these twin worlds and Mikaela from one, Jace from the other (also names-in-progress). It works much like a tv-series with independant "episodes" from each or both worlds. Mikaela and Jace for different reasons (I'm not gonna tell you) have to remain on their respective side. Well, that's the gist of it, I'm not saying more in case I someday eventually get to writing it down. It's one of the most entertaining ideas I've ever had, so I really hope so.

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