Thursday, December 27, 2007

Having The Biggest Gun

My brother is buying a new video card, (ATI Radeon 2600 Pro 512Mb HIS for those who care), and I am sorely jealous. (Jealous is a pretty ugly word in English, btw, in its written form, even if it's beautiful in speech. Kind of like the Swedish spelling of juice, jos. Sooo ugly.) Now my wondering is, how big difference does those 512Mb compared to 256Mb, aside from 400 crowns? That's my Question Of The Year.

And, more importantly, which one is more important? Graphix card or Magna Carta and Dark Chronicle for PS2?'s sale is going to be the death of me. There are dozens of games I've been wanting to play for the last three-four years. MC and Dark Chronicle are just the top of an iceberg. I mean, Devil May Cry 3: Special Edition? God of War 2? And those of you who haven't played Dreamfall yet, go get the Limited Edition for 150 crowns. As for other computer games there are at least better possibilities to try them before buying them, so I can make a more clean list.

Just to complete the geekness I have to tell I've spent Christmas break completing FF7:Dirge of Cereberus with all files and getting the Ultimate Weapon. Now I just have to finish it on Extra Hard Mode, some Extra Missions, and then finish God of War on highest difficulty. Then I will have the confidence that I suppose corresponds to what men refer to as having the biggest gun.
Ta ta, darlings!


Loverboy said...
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Loverboy said...

my 2 cents:
- Get the card
- Join the dark side
- Download everything you want
- Live happily ever after

(Darksiders can both eat the cookie and keep it!)

Iceye said...

Hm, my PS2 isn't chipped, so I actually have to buy console games. Wait... maybe chipping it would be the answer to everything?

Dark side has many cookieplates. ^^

Iceye said...

Hm... chipping was expensive when you live in faeriland. I know where this is going. Spending more money I don't have to buy both. That's what I get for being devoted to my art. =P