Friday, December 28, 2007

I am the Materia-girl ^^

I've been thinking about materialism. Mainly because, as those who know me will have noticed, my prioritizing isn't quite of the spiritual kind. I suppose I can stand for that I may say "I can't afford coming to this or that party" and the next moment buy a new game or parts for my computer - or just a silly amount of candy. (Sorry if any of you have taken offense sometime.) In my next breath I brag about how much money I save by not buying alcohol at the drop of a hat.

I guess everyone has their thing, y'know? The money one spends on one thing, someone else spends on something else, but we all spend it, right? (Okay, so the saints may give it away, but they darn well don't just pile it either.) Should the economic market steer everything? I can't say I agree, because that would mean the global, powerful companies would run everything, as they're already well on their way doing. And power corrupts, as we all know. But should materialism be clanked on? Well, if someone is going to do that they should be careful to clean out their own closet first.

Happiness *can* be bought, just don't forget that the prizes aren't always set in money.

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